Monday, March 23, 2009

Poor Porky's problems

Porky was picked up in the Barton's Camp Projects and was not in good shape. He had a stiff front leg, mange, and starvation when we picked him up.

We got him to the vet in a couple of days, and he was neutered, had his blood checked and the leg was x-rayed. We found out he was heartworm, lymes and anaplasmosis positive! The vet claimed he had an old injury- a dislocated elbow joint and would require surgery. In other words, Porky was a real mess!


Porky was so likable and never complained despite his condition.

On March 1st, Lindsay Cline and her friend Andy were at the shelter and brought food, did some heartworm testing, and took animals to Akin Hills Pet Hospital.

When Lindsay saw Porky, she said "We will take him and get him help for his leg". Mike and I were amazed and so happy as we were sure no one would take Porky.

We found out the next day after they scanned Porky's leg- he actually had a bullet in his shoulder!! We are very thankful that he got the help he needed and no longer has to be in pain. Thank you Lindsay, Andy and Dr. Bartsch, Aiken Hills Pet Hospital, and Last Hope Rescue!!

Sincerely, Karen

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Anonymous said...

I miss Porky, but I was also very happy to see him go! It was shocking to hear that he had a bullet in his shoulder, that must have been so painful for him, but he never hardly showed the pain. I think dogs have a very high pain threshold. Anyway, I am just so glad that he is getting the surgery for his shoulder. Go Redlake Rosie's!!!


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