Saturday, March 7, 2009

RLRR Metro Support Team meeting notes--01/22/09

RLRR Meeting - January 22
Rory McKay, Colleen Meyer, Lynn Mecum, DeeDee Welles, Claudia Wielgorecki

Pet Expo February 21 & 22
Lynn is organizing and scheduling volunteers for the Expo.
We would like to have Rosie’s dogs at the booth during peak hours. Claudia will bring her dog, and DeeDee will bring her foster dog. We need to find a few more people who would be willing to bring their dogs for two hours or so.
We discussed selling dog treats and some donated blankets. Danielle Engle (Best Friends MN network) has offered to make several small pet blankets for us to sell. We also have some donated larger fleece blankets. Nancy O’Sullivan is making tote bags, and there are a few T-shirts left that will be for sale, too.
Claudia suggested having a fan at the booth, since it was very hot last year, especially for the dogs. Claudia will bring candy to give away at the booth.
Lynn will update the Rosie’s information on the promotional materials and make either a business card or quarter sheet to hand out at the booth.

Animal Humane Society Clinic – April 21-24
Dr. Culbertson has scheduled a spay/neuter clinic. We will need volunteers to support the clinic.
We discussed the need to replace the HSUS RAVS clinic with more of the smaller clinics this year.

RLRR on Facebook
Rory has started a Rosie’s Facebook group. It already has 78 members, and she has recruited a volunteer who lives just south of the reservation and found Rosie’s on Facebook.

2008 Accomplishments
We briefly discussed the accomplishments, which are remarkable. Through her herculean efforts, Karen rescued, sheltered, and placed 619 dogs and cats last year. She also facilitated many improvements at the shelter, including a new well, new kennels, and a re-vamped cat house.

The Red Lake Gaming Commission has granted money to pay for Mike’s salary and the heat and light in the cat house through May.

Colleen shared her idea for a benefit that would involve a recipe contest, auction, and lunch/dinner. The food would be made from the winning recipes.
Rory suggested exploring the possibility of having previous and/or current Red Lake inhabitants sell their native arts, crafts, food, etc. at a benefit, and possibly featuring Native American food.

Crystal and her friend, Ruth are going up to Rosie’s on Friday, January 30 and will transport animals back to the Cities on Sunday February 1st.
We will need another transport later in February and one or two in March.

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