Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Penny in our thoughts

I was excited to get the update on Penny. We almost missed our opportunity to get Penny and find her a new home.

A young lady from Ponemah area drove out to Red Lake Rosie's shelter one day 2 summers ago. It was right after the RAVS clinic and every kennel at the shelter was full. In the backseat of her car she had a litter of puppies which had been weaned and the mama- Penny.

Well- I was in over my head, and had no place to put them, so I put the litter of 4 puppies, in crates on my front porch. I told the young lady she had to bring the mama dog back later, as I had no place to put her. Unfortunately I got no phone number or address on the person. That was my second mistake.Quite a few months went by and I did not hear any word on Penny and I was haunted by her eyes. I was sure I would never see her again and thought the worse.

Thankfully, one day while at work I got a call and the girl and her mother brought Penny and put her in my pickup and she came to the shelter.

She turned out to be a wonderful dog, met Diane and ended up in her foster care through Pet Haven.

I learned from that situation not to turn away an animal who comes here, as we may NOT get a second chance that we got with Penny. There is always a place to make a temporary accomodation.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR


Penny rode with me from Red Lake to the Twin Cities December of 2007.
I fostered her through Pet Haven until she was adopted. A few months later Penny was returned to me because ...... boy, I don't know .....
she is a perfect lady.

Anyway, she was adopted again by some friends of mine, G & G, in Amery, WI. I am happy to report THEY LOVE PENNY AND PENNY LOVES THEM! Penny has 10 acres to run on but has found she loves the indoors too. Penny loves car rides into town where she gets treats from the guy at the grain store and the lady at the bank.G1 works from home so Penny and Ginger get to hang out all day together and loves the time when G2 comes home to get all sorts of lovin' from him. G & G have 6 grandchildren and Penny is so loving and patient when they crawl all over her. If/when she gets tired of the attention she goes upstairs in the bedroom and sleeps in her crate.So this match has a very happy ending and Penny wants to say HI to Karen and all her furry friends at Red Lake.


Marilou said...

Karen, I remember Penny so well. You are so right about her eyes :) On top of it, her gentle spirit will just swoop your heart away ... I was so happy to hear from Diane how well Penny is doing. Thank you for all you do! :)

Anonymous said...

What a marvelous story and happy
ending for Penny!!! It is always
so nice to receive updates.
Thank you to Penny's family and
forever home, and thank you to

Jo Tallchief said...

I wonder if some people adopt an animal and then realize they don't really have the time for the animal after all, or maybe they have to move unexpectedly and can't take the animal with them. I have a feeling with the economy going bad, we might see more people who need to give up their homes and move. I'm glad things turned out so well for Penny. :)


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