Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good News for Alfie

I am forwarding this news on Alfie. She went from half-dead on the highway to a possibility for a great home!! Karen
Update from Pet Haven's dog blog:

What's It All About, Alfie?

Sweet Alfie went to a foster-with-intent home today. A very nice woman who found out about us through a friend who found out about us because she'd seen Ode walking around the neighborhood with her mom! Ode is a terrific ambassador! ;)

Alfie's new foster (and I'm hoping adoptive) sister is a 13 year old Dalmation blend. Foster mom B is a super-nice woman who Alfie took to right away.

Alfie had her first heartworm treatment on Tuesday. She's put on some weight and though she has a ways to go to be the right weight, she's had a bath and grooming, so she is looking sharp these days!.Here's a report from her proud foster mom:

Well, things are still going well. Alfie has had no accidents in the house, she hasn't barked at all, and basically walks in a heel position. I think this is more due to her wanting to be next to me than actual technique, but I'll take it! Prudence (the resident dog) seems to be adjusting fairly well, but I want to truly give it a good amount of time to be certain about their relationship. My husband, too, is quite taken with her sweet, gentle dispositionAlfie also slept soundly all through the night, on the floor right next to the bed. She has yet to go into the kennel, but it doesn't really seem necessary, so... She enjoys my homemade peanut butter dog treats as well, so her appetite is good! Such a love. That's the update for now. Thanks, Gals!

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