Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yukon -- a brother from the 'hood

Yukon was surrendered at RLRR on 12/30/08. He had mange on his tail. He was neutered, had his shots and left RLRR on Jan 18 to go to All Dog Rescue. We were thrilled to hear that he was adopted recently, but check out the really amazing part about his new home:Hi, DeeDee;

Yes, Yukon was adopted, but we discovered something really cool while completing the paperwork.

The couple who adopted him have a 1.5 year old beautiful white husky mix with a few red markings. Well, when our volunteer was going through the paperwork she told them that Yukon had come from Rosie's originally, and they said that their other dog had originally come from there as well!

I don't have a lot of specifics on her, but they adopted her as a puppy from St. Francis - she had come there with 2 litter-mates, and their girl was the runt of the litter.

I know you'll be thrilled to know she is happy, playful, friendly, loved, and she and Yukon looked like they had been best friends since birth after spending just a few minutes together.

I do love the happy endings so much - it really is what gives me the strength to keep going when rescue gets hard!!


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Anonymous said...

I love reading your updates!!! I love happy endings too! You guys do some amazing work. Thank-you.


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