Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WARNING: Your heart may be stolen!

On January 30th. my friend Ruth and I went up to Karen's to help out and to transport back to the metro. It was a good trip and an extremely smooth transport, meeting all our connections right on schedule.Ruth, a veteran Wisconsin animal advocate was so impressed with Karen and her mission that she is looking forward to returning and in the meantime, becoming an active supporter of Rosie's RedLake Rescue.
RUTH & CRYSTAL, RHODA & GINGERThere were over twenty animals scheduled for the transport. The night before we arrived, Karen was made aware of a starving little dog begging for food on a street corner. It was apparent by the sores and scabs on her emaciated body, and her frost bitten paws that she had survived the winter on her own.
JENNYSince there wasn't a plan for this little girl, she came home with me. A trip to the vet resulted in all of her shots, a treatment plan for her mange, and confirmation of her age to be about four months. With medication, baths, vitamins, nutritious food, and a lot of love and attention Jenny has blossomed into a real beauty.

As one of our ambassadors at the Pet Expo at the Convention Center in Minneapolis, Jenny charmed and fascinated visitors. She was literally bombarded with attention and requests to adopt her.
KAREN AND ANOOKIt was a wonderful opportunity to show people that these dogs, like Jenny, abandoned, discarded, and left to die are not only intelligent, loving, and attractive, but they have a spirit of appreciation and joy. These traits are not exclusive in Jenny, but are found over and over again in the animals Karen saves.
TONY BALONIEI think Karen needs a sign at Rosie's Rescue that reads "Warning, your heart may be stolen".


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