Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brooke is online


This is Brooke!

BABY PICI had fun at the shelter and living with Linda but my new home is really cool.

I have a huge yard to run in and a cat to play with.
The cat still doesn't play a lot with me yet but I'm working on him.

My new mom & dad are teaching me all kinds of new things like fetch, sit, stay & shake.

Earlier today I went for a walk with my mom and i found the biggest puddle I ever saw!
So I jumped right into it!
My mom was none to happy about it and I had to take a bath when we got home but it sure was fun.

One day we went for another walk and they brought me to this place called the vets office,
I didn't like it there.
The doctor stuck me in the butt with a needle.
I don't want to go there no more.

You should see all the toys I have!
a whole milk crate full!
so when they leave for work I take every last one of them out.

BIGGER BROOKEJust wanted to let you know that I am being a good girl and thank you for finding me such a great home!

Got to go my mom is home and she wouldn't like me chatting on the computer,
she doesn't know I can do this yet!



Anonymous said...

Brooke is the only survivor of a litter of labs. She came in with 2 survivors from a litter of sheps from the same place --thank you Linda and Ark for taking such good care of Brooke and getting her a great home.

Jo Tallchief said...

Thank you, Brooke! It's good to see you. :) And you're looking very lovely. I hope for your mom's sake that she doesn't have Petco or Petsmart bookmarked under her internet Favorites. I don't even want to imagine what my guys would be ordering for themselves if they could. :) Looking forward to your next update and have a great weekend!

pitbull friend said...

Oh, Brooke, sweetie! Congratulations on your lovely, fun new home & life!


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