Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Clean-up at RLRR

On March 25, we had some visitors at the shelter. Marci and Tom adopted Molly from Red Lake and they have supplied us with updates about her for the blog. She was at the vet in Gonvick getting spayed so Tom and Marci came and worked for the day and helped with spring cleaning.

We worked in the yard most of the day cleaning straw and leaves and had a noon break for soup.

Kevin, Karen, Marci and Tom raked and cleaned and did some burning, which nearly got away, but thankfully was gotten in control. The Bobcat helps make the jobs so much easier.

A great time was had by all. Thank you Kevin, Marci and Tom!!


It seems appropriate to include the DNA test Tom & Marci recently received from BioPet Vet Lab for Molly:

Molly's ancestry was listed approximately equal parts Boxer, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever.

Tom and I are so excited! We just got Molly's DNA test back.

It is amazing that the descriptions they provided are Molly exactly, especially the Boxer part! Tom has always commented on how she plays with her toys like a cat; throwing them in the air and catching them. I said I have never seen a dog that used her front paws for everything. She is constantly digging under furniture for her toys and uses her paws like we use our hands.

It also explains the protectiveness of Tom and I; between the German Shepherd and the Boxer, they are fiercely loyal dogs and make great watchdogs.

We are so pleased and we feel that the results are extremely accurate; and not really what we expected at all. Although she looks like a lab, she has the least of lab and golden in her.

Boxers are also extremely intelligent and very stubborn; Molly to a tee!

We feel it was worth every penny to find out Molly's origins and we feel they are extremely accurate, based upon what we have seen and learned about Molly since we adopted her.

Tom, Marci, and Molly

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