Thursday, April 8, 2010

Twice Lucky -- Sugar, the cat

Sugar was a semi feral cat that was live-trapped at the Circle Pines dump 2 years ago in the winter. She was spayed and we tried to tame her but--we were not successful.

Lynn is a cat-loving farm woman that lives about 20 miles from the RLRR shelter and she took Sugar and 2 other ferals to her barn last fall. To our surprise, Sugar started to warm up to her and soon she could hold her. She remained very scared of men, but loved Lynn.

Well, one morning we had a very sad message on the phone and Lynn was in tears. Sugar had been severely injured- Lynn was not sure what happened, but the life of a feral cat is dangerous.

We sent Sugar to the Gonvick vet where an x-ray revealed a broken left femur and a broken right tibia. Both hind legs broken. She was given pain medications and we emailed ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation, Dr. Vickie for help.

Well- she responded right away, and so we sent Sugar on the transport Sunday to the metro. Sugar had her surgery. She now has a bone plate in her femur and pins in her hock joint in her other back leg. Her prognosis is great.

Lynn is going to get her back, but this time she will move into the house -- Her days as a barn cat are over.

Thank you, Dr. Vickie, for once again saving our injured animals!!

Karen and RLRR

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Denise said...

I heard from Karen that "Sugar is doing very well and will be coming back with Mike and Lauren Friday, April 9 to live with Lynn in her house."


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