Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More RLRR dog DNA results

Hi guys,

Wanted to follow up and let you know Bear's DNA results. I know these tests are debatable, but it's interesting nonetheless and they do seem to make sense even though we never would have picked this mix.

GLAMOUR SHOTHer results are:

Level 3 (roughly 30%)
Siberian Husky
Irish Setter

Level 4 (roughly 10%)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

BEAR LOVES MOMVery surprising results, but they do make sense given her herding traits and her high level of energy.

BEAR HAS LOTS OF TOYSShe's completely happy, healthy, and a ball of endless energy. We love her to death! Thanks again for rescuing her.



care said...

Wow, it does't really matter
because that dog is a beauty queen
male or not! What a divine face!

mteacup said...

She's beautiful! I want to have the test done on Lorna. We used it on my other dog and mom's dog. The test was right on with my dog but my mom's dog was way off... Fun anyhow.


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