Friday, April 2, 2010

Addison's broken leg

Addison, a beautiful 2-year-old stray shepherd was found wandering around with a limp. She was taken to our shelter by the lady who found her. She was spayed right away and an X-ray showed a double broken bone which was an old wound.

We are so happy to report that she was able to find a home with loving people who are willing to pay for orthopedic surgery needed to fix her leg.

Thank you for all the great people who make this rescue possible and who gave Addison hope for a bright future.



Jo Tallchief said...

I hope this dog came from Redby because I bought her a breakfast sandwich one morning by Westbrook's. She was so shy, she wouldn't come close to me. I had to leave the sandwich and go back to my car, and she had a limp. I hope this is her and someone managed to catch her. Oh man, I hate to see dogs in that condition - wounded and hungry. Or anyone in that condition, for that matter. Thank you, everyone!

pitbull friend said...

Oh, thank goodness this sweet girl is getting help! Thank you Jo, Karen & Addison's new family!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you helped that dog. Nice job!


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