Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lola & Cali

In June of 2009, Hugh & Maria adopted our lovely Lola, a chow chow mix who had come from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Lola was found with her one surviving puppy, and this sweet girl tested positive for heartworms. Her foster mom Pam diligently nursed Lola through several rounds of heartworm treatment, and was thrilled when she found her new forever home with Hugh & Maria.

Lola quickly learned the ropes in her new home, becoming acclimated to the electric fence and learning to walk nicely on the leash. She loved to cuddle and go for long walks with her new mom and dad. She would sleep curled up at the foot of the bed each night, and wake her dad each morning by licking his face.

Then in December, we got horrible news. Sweet Lola started having trouble breathing; a visit to the vet revealed that some of the heartworms had survived the multiple rounds of treatment Lola had received. When another round of treatment was started, Lola went into cardiac arrest and the vet was unable to revive her.

LOLALola (photo by John Miller of John K Miller Photography)

Sweet Lola spent 5 months in a wonderful home, and her family was absolutely heartbroken by her death. Just before Christmas they contacted us - despite their grief, they wanted to open their hearts and home to another rescue dog, and they had seen Cali on our website. We were so happy when it was love at first sight, and Cali spent her Christmas with Hugh and Maria, learning what it means to be loved and pampered in a forever home. Like Lola, she sleeps in the big bed at night, but unlike Lola who slept down at the food of the bed, Cali likes to snuggle up right between them.

Hugh sent us great updates on both of his girls, along with some of the ways they are alike and different. You can see them on our website here: Lola and Cali. We want to thank Hugh & Maria for giving both of these girls such a wonderful home.

CALICali (photo by Just Pawsitive - Photography for People and Pets)


pitbull friend said...

I am so sorry to hear Lola's story and hope that her family takes some comfort in having provided her a great, loving home, even if too briefly. How lovely that they were able to open their hearts to another deserving RL girl!

Anonymous said...

We love All Dog Rescue- they have taken MANY Red Lake kids in the past years.

They will be taking maybe 4 or 5 again next weekend! Cheers to All Dog.

Jo Tallchief said...

This reminds me of a cat I had that died suddenly while I was at work. I came home and found her in my bedroom, cold. I was heartbroken, but she was so aggressive to other animals that had she lived, I could never have been a foster parent. She was aggressive to children, too. I was devastated by her sudden death, but had a dream a few nights later in which she said to me, "No matter what the outcome, we have to continue to love." It's hard but we keep going. Thank you so much for taking in Lola and giving her a happy life, and now Cali gets to have that life, too. Thanks again, and have a good week.


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