Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bringing a smile to Miley

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took in this darling puppy that we called Fluffy, then she moved to Secondhand Hounds rescue, was adopted and became Miley.
Just wanted to share with you how much Miley has grown! And most of all how much we are enjoying her! She's very silly with a I just wanna play play play attitude.

BEAUTIFUL MILEYWe've had 3 weeks of obedience classes---3 more to go, she's very smart and it's mainly us who needs the training. :) When we frustrate her or doing something not to her liking she gives us one loud bark.

MILEY IN TRAININGShe's mastered the tunnel in agility and now we're working on hoops and the wiggle board (can't remember what it's called-helps them learn how to use their back legs), she'll start jumps later, about 17 months, when her bones are done growing.

We have to put our 2 older dogs down soon, we are struggling, it's sooo hard. Having Miley around sure helps!


Hi Karen--
With her rough start in life, it makes sense why it took Miley a while to really 'love' us. Just in the last few weeks she has started showing her affection towards us.

MILEY AND TShe is a bit submissive too but we socialize her as much as we can and it has gotten better. Our trainer said being a submissive dog isn't all bad anyways. Not sure of the reasons but works for me. :)

MILEY AND DADThat's my husband with Miley--our 1st time snowshoeing, her & our daughter, T running tunnels and laying in bed together, the other one is Miley and our cat Pumpkin. Miley's trying very hard to mind her manners!

MILEY AND PUMPKINPumpkin doesn't defend himself and Miley would love to lick/smell him to death! He lets out a loud meow until we save him.

Thanks for all you do for the animals!



mteacup said...

I think Fluffy was at RLR at the same time I got Regi to foster. I secretly wanted to foster her. She is so pretty and reminds me of little Romi that we met at the last clinic.

pitbull friend said...

Oh, thank you for the update, Miley's mom!!! She IS beautiful and obviously very smart, too. What a gorgeous life you are giving her!!!


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