Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 11 Transport

Mike and Lauren have been at the RLRR shelter volunteering once again. They arrived on Friday and left Sunday morning with two cats and five dogs to be placed at Act V, All Dog, Feline Rescue, and RLRR foster homes.

As usual they did lots of work in the shelter yard and socializing animals. A feral juvenile dog named Sadie was loose in the yard and we could not catch her. Lauren was able to gain her trust and put her in a kennel with her sister.

PANDORA AND LAURENDuring their visit, a puppy arrived at the shelter -- we called her Pandora or Pandy for short. This little girl was so hungry and dehydrated. She also could not walk. We could get her to stand for a little while, then she would slip and fall.

PANDORAThe good news is that Pandy joined the transport and is headed to Act V and Dr. Vickie. We are so thankful that Pandy arrived and got out just in time.

ANDYAndy, a small wire-haired terrier, is also going to Act V. He has been ill for about 5 days. We kept him alive with sub-cu feedings, antibiotics, and NutriCal and are thankful he will be getting great care by Dr. Vickie, too.

TOM TOMTom Tom was a stray barn cat that lived on a rural farm. He has an eye that is sore and a front leg that has a wound. We got him neutered and immunized on Friday- and when he came back to the shelter he was so friendly and loveable, we talked the farmers in to letting him leave the barn life and find a forever home. Feline Rescue is taking him and we just know, with his personality, he will really make a great companion.

CHI CHIPretty Chi Chi was a surrender at the last clinic and is also enroute to Feline Rescue.

MARIGOLDMarigold is a little stray shepherd headed to All Dog. Marigold is spayed and vaccinated but needs lots of tlc.

WINSTONPoor tiny Winston came in with severe mange. He started treatment at RLRR and is going to a RLRR foster home.

EDDYEddy, the little brown chihuahua is also going to a RLRR foster home.

Karen :-)


Anonymous said...

Karen, Lauren,'re the
best! It is heartwarming to know
all of these animals will get that
second chance....thank you all!

pitbull friend said...

Thank you so much, everyone who is helping these poor critters. Dr. Vickie is so wonderful for agreeing to take these ones who need a lot of help. Excellent!


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