Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A new best friend

Last week I volunteered to foster a dog for a local rescue group, Secondhand Hounds.

HUSKY OR BORDER COLLIE OR BOTH?All we knew is that the puppy had blue eyes and so she was assumed to be part husky. Over the last year we sadly lost both of our huskies to old age and illness so we thought a foster dog would be a good way for us to fill the void.

POSING FOR PHOTOSBear (who was known to you as Adelle) arrived here in the Twin Cities last Sunday in a van packed with other animals from your shelter.

BATHTIMEShe was a little afraid to come out of her crate at first but by the first night with us she was already building confidence and wagging her tail. We immediately knew she was one of the sweetest dogs we'd ever met.

RESTINGWithin 24 hours it was obvious that we couldn't merely foster her so we immediately adopted her. We've had her in our home for less than a week and are pretty sure she's a border collie through and through.

FOCUSED ON FRISBEEGiven that, we've started training her to fetch a frisbee and I'm not sure who enjoys it more -- her or us.

RUNNINGShe's also started going on runs with me and I can tell she's going to be a great training partner.

BEAR AND DADOn the vet records that came with her she's listed as a "dumpster dog" and it breaks our hearts to think that such an amazing dog so full of affection and happiness could be abandoned.

PLAYING WITH TOYSShe's already brought new light into our lives and we couldn't be happier to have her as a part of our family.

BEAR AND MOMThank you for saving her and caring for her. You can rest assured that she will have nothing but the best that life has to offer from this day forward.



Anonymous said...

your dogs eyes are incredible! The blue on the huskies. said...


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful..I guess one man's trash is anothers treasure!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect home for Adelle/Bear. She looks like she
has settled in nicely and will have
the kind of life to suit her needs. Thank you for opening up your home and heart for this sweet girl.

mteacup said...

I knew it - when I saw on facebook that you would foster her and that you had just lost your pups that she found her forever home. Congrats Adelle aka Bear! Welcome to the Red Lake dogs are the best club!

care said...

thanks so much for adopting
one of our Red Lake Rescues-
stories like this are what
keep us all going!

Jo Tallchief said...

I LOL'd when I read the part where foster turned into adoptee - that's happened to me, too. I try not to have it happen too much, but it is hard. :) Thank you for giving this sweet little gal an awesome home - I can't believe someone left her at the dump ground, either. Thx again! :))


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