Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 24 Transport

The O'Sullivans and Barbara Olson have once again volunteered to transport a load of dogs and cats to other groups so they will have adoption opportunities.

TOPAZARTHURHENNESEYTUCKERROCKIN' ROBINWe are sending 5 dogs to All Dog foster homes including Topaz, Arthur, Hennessey, Tucker, and Rockin Robin.

GUMBYIAKA3 cats, including Gumby and Iaka, are enroute to Tricounty.

KIVAGABEAct V is taking Kiva, an injured husky, and Gabe, a small dog mix.

TIGGERROCKETSecond Hand Hounds is taking Tigger, a little black lab and Pinky, aka Rocket, a little shep mix, that has been with Carol Priest in foster care since he came in a little scaredy cat.

Thanks to all!

Karen :)


care said...

Karen and Carol
its great to see the scardy cat
PINKY/ROCKET looking so
good! Thanks for the work you
put into him!

mteacup said...

Yeah Topaz! The one dog that made me cry at the last clinic. She showed up as we were pulling out to head home, was laying next to the road at the entrance to the warehouse. I swear the look on her face was "don't leave without me"

care said...

wow, now I am doubly excited
I wasn't aware that Topaz was that
great news


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