Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New names haven't tamed these Russian brothers


So funny you should have written as I have had it on my heart to send some updated photos for a few days now.

Hard to pick from the hundreds we have and also hard to believe these are not staged but this is WHAT they do.

They are a hoot.

BANDIT & SMOKE AND NEW BROTHER RUMORThey are food hounds and will leap tall buildings as soon as I begin to prepare a meal and do not leave until the dishes are done.

Smoke LOVES butter and cheese which is just hilarious.

Bandit is the thief his name implies. He has been seen stealing clothes, shoes, cough drops, trash, kleenex, pillows and much more.

Smoke is still very small in comparison and we are just loving that.

At night as settle down to relax, he always jumps up on the couch and sleeps on the couch ledge behind our head till we retire for bed. It is really sweet.

We are loving them both! Thank you so much.

1 comment:

pitbull friend said...

Absolutely adorable!!! Thanks so much for posting the pictures of these cutie boys.


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