Wednesday, June 25, 2014

RLRR visits Red Lake Elementary School

On Monday, June 23rd, representatives of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue went to the Red Lake Elementary school and brought animals and information. The students were very receptive to our message of proper care and kindness to animals.

The lonely life of a chained animal and the need for watering were stressed throughout the message. Students promised to water their animals this summer as many are dehydrated. Students also said they will carry the message to stop chaining and include their pet as a “part of the family”. Many students had questions and comments about their animals.

Discussions were held on cruelty being unacceptable and what to do if they see it happening. Our culture is based on respect of all living things. Through education we are addressing the issue of cruelty. We want to help youth build a positive and loving relationship with their companion animals.

Those visiting included Karen, Kevin as Duggy the Dalmatian, mouser and a litter of 3 kittens.

Karen RLRR

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Anonymous said...

What POS would hurt an innocent, defenceless animal! Karma. What comes aroind goes around.


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