Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bo: Senior female Basset Hound looking for love

Bo, the Basset Hound, lived with her owner, a Red Lake elder, in a home just north of Bemidji. This elder had talked with Carol about moving into the Red Lake Senior Apartments this summer, and having Red Lake Rosie's Rescue find a new home for Bo.  Unfortunately, he passed away recently, before he could make this move.  
 Carol spoke with the man's son and told him of his father's wishes, and Bo came to stay with her in Bemidji.  Bo has a wonderful Basset personality, loves to go for walks, and expresses herself with a deep bark when she wants something, like food.  With Bo being an older dog (about 12?) we were concerned that it might be hard to find a good placement for her.
Carol located Basset Buddies Rescue online (, and contacted them in hopes they might be interested in fostering Bo.  Lisa from Basset Buddies responded almost immediately.  She and Carol talked, and Basset Buddies said they have a soft spot for senior dogs, and would definitely have a foster home for her.  They arranged for Carol to meet up with a volunteer in the Twin Cities, and Bo was delivered to Basset Buddies on May 18.  Carol heard back that Bo is doing well in her foster home!
Bo is now on the Basset Buddies website for adoption. She is at a foster home in Wisconsin and is doing well. They said she has her foster family "wrapped around her little paw".

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