Monday, June 30, 2014

Lou meets his match!

Lou came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue from Leech Lake Legacy as one of the three most emaciated dogs to ever come into our care. Mange had taken most of his fur and he was trying to survive in Minnesota in January. His spirit was broken, his tail was between his legs and the light had gone out in his pale blue eyes.

See my original post from January 2014 HERE and second post from March 2014 HERE.

Karen started feeding him and treating his mange and then he moved down to the metro where he spent time in foster homes for MN Pit Bull Rescue and ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation. As his health was slow to return, ACT V continued to provide his medical care which eventually included surgery for a cataract in one eye.

Finally, he was in a foster-to-adopt home with Jason and the two really hit it off. Lou is fully recovered now and the adoption is final I wanted to share some photos and updates from ACT V about Lou's journey to health and happiness.

LOU arrived last night! What an amazing journey this poor dog has had. Let the healing begin.

He is gaining weight (currently sitting at 49.9 pounds), he's had no accidents in the house, he loves to snuggle and his skin and overall health is improving! This makes everyone happy!

His healing is a slow process - both emotionally and physically - but look where he is now!

Look who met a friend...LOU DID..! This is Jason. He's been looking for a companion for awhile. He wants a dog who will be a good fit with his lifestyle and personality. Well...Do WE have a dog for you.

Jason and Lou had a meet and greet, they romped and played, we did his home visit, and today Lou moved in to try things out. Jason is in our foster-to-adopt program and we have high hopes that this pair will be a match made in Heaven.

Good morning from Lou...! This is the most recent update we have from him. Things aren't looking too shabby. It's hard to get out of bed when you have so many fluffy pillows. Poor Lou, what will he do...?

LOU was finally healthy enough to have his eye surgery and he is doing great! Here he is with his foster-(to-adopt) Dad chilling out and getting some lovin'. Thanks Jason for taking such good care of him.

Lou had his follow-up eye exam and passed with flying colors...! He'll go back in two weeks and then it's time to wrap up his adoption. This is SUCH a success story. YAY LOU...!! 

Yes, this really happened. ADOPTION COMPLETE. It's been a long haul and worth every second spent on finding the perfect match for Lou.


care said...

its hard to say who looks happier,
but this seems to be one of those
things that was destiny!

great job

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Lou and Jason! Lou's transformation over the past 6 months has been incredible. Thank you to everyone who got Lou to where he is today, he's proof that your efforts are well worth it.


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