Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One young man's middle school service project for RLRR

I'm so glad I could help the dogs that needed it so much. 

First of all, this project came up when my classmates and I at middle school had to find a issue that we had an interest in and provide service to help resolve that issue. So I decided to do this project alone. 

The Animal Humane Society's "sheltering a dog project" was a perfect service for me! So I started building this dog house to the specifications that the Humane Society gave me. It took me about three months to build with a little knowledge from my father on how to get started building it. 

I loved doing this project and I am so glad that it actually directly impacted a certain group of animals. I attached some pictures of me building the dog house If that helps. 

P.S. Thank you for picking up that GINORMOUS dog house!


We want to thank John and Joe for volunteering to transport a large beautiful dog house to the Red Lake Rosie's Shelter all the way from the metro.  This very nice dog house was built by a middle school boy all by himself for a school service project. This dog house is insulated and built very well.  It will no doubt be lodging for one or two of our permanent residents.

Youth Works will be painting the dog house on June 16th and will put a load of crushed rock around it for cleanliness and drainage.

John and Joe got a tour of the shelter before they went back.  It was a great pleasure to meet them.  Also thank you to Terri for arranging this.

Ladybug and Wolfman say Thank you! 

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Anonymous said...

What a great service project! I applaud this young man for giving his time and hard work to provide shelter for a Red Lake dog--way to go!!!


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