Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has been getting calls about youth allegedly using long knives to hurt animals.

Recently we went and picked up a dog east of Redby where the owner said that his throat was allegedly cut. The owner was crying as we took her gasping dog and loaded him in the van. He was taken to the vet where it was determined that the trachea and voice box were both damaged and infected so badly there was nothing we could do. We had to send the dog across the Rainbow Bridge. It was a very sad and needless death for this animal.

The owner alleges another dog in her neighborhood had also been attacked with a knife and a small breed dog was missing.

More recently a call came to RLRR to rescue a mama dog, Ginger and her litter of puppies as they were living in a residence that was abandoned. This was from the west side of the reservation. Their dog house damaged by a child who was vandalizing the dog house and allegedly throwing lit fireworks in Ginger's house. A broken sword laid by her dog house. It was confiscated by RLRR. Ginger and her puppies are safe at the RLRR shelter. See original post HERE.

Earlier this winter, Jacob was allegedly mutilated by such a sharp weapon. See original post HERE.

Parents need to stop providing these kinds of weapons for children, and if they see their child in possession of such a weapon, they must confiscate it. It is imperative that we stop the young people involved in this kind of sadistic behavior that will only lead them and our community to great harm.

Red Lake Rosie’s Board of Directors:
Jo Tallchief
Karen Good
Polly McMaster
Carol Priest


Anonymous said...

Parents, I beg of you. If you see ANY signs of this or any cruelty towards animals in your childrens behavior, get them help RIGHT AWAY!! It has been proven that most sociopaths start out with animal cruelity and advance to human cruelity. PLEASE get these children the help they need.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are we need volunteers to come into the community and be leadership heroes to the youth. Show the right from wrong, how to say no to drugs, how to take pride in yourself, how to want better for yourself. I see enough people talking about how we need to save our reservation for a grassroots movement. But I don't live on the reservation so it's thought that my opinion doesn't matter or I'm an outsider, I'm still a band member.

Anonymous said...

I lived on the Rex. The sad truth is that's how it is. Sociopaths start out young with animal cruelty. Parents need to show the youth right from wrong. Not only natives but everyone

Adair said...

Oh my gosh, I am horrified! I hope the message gets out and these senseless acts of cruelty are stopped.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say that their need to just be more guidance of parents on the Red Lake reservation. Parents EVERYWHERE need to take more time with their kids, but I'm noticing it's hard for parents who have to work multiple jobs to supports their kids to sit down and really spend time with them. I will say, that I do not believe Red Lake is a bad place, like I know many people do. I wish I would be able to help the band members of Red Lake, and the others surrounding Bemidji, to preserve their historical culture so it is not lost.

Anonymous said...

I would like and address or numbers of these place discreetly, would like to speak with these ppl myself maybe even hurt them as well, cause that probably the only thing that will change their fucked up heads

Anonymous said...

For reals man, karmas a bitch. The creAtor wont let the heinous crime go unpunished.... Wjat goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Parents need to quite being drunks and drug addicts and be there form there kids instead of being there for there so called friends party God for bid that you stay home and be a good mom and dad. I'm sure you where not raised like that if so I pitty you and your parents for never breaking the cycle

Anonymous said...

Parent Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First your dog or cat and next it will be you ..a friend..so on and so on . Everyone knows that . open your eyes..it could be any kid awareness

Anonymous said...



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