Friday, June 13, 2014

Not Lucky at all

Lucky was a very gentle Pomeranian that came from one of the villages last night. Lucky had been injured 7 days ago. According to the owner some kids had spent the weekend at her house- and then Lucky turned up injured. Lucky would walk in circles and could only move her head in one direction.

Geri discovered Lucky was not only injured, but also blind. She had great pain in her neck but ate hungrily and drank water when helped with the syringe. She had seizures. We could only offer her pain medication and a nice safe warm bed for the night.

The children were observed carrying this little dog by her neck. We want to ask parents to take care of their animals and do not allow children unsupervised to handle them. Too many times we are hearing of small breed dogs and puppies, cats and kittens that are permanently injured or even killed by unsupervised children. We are heartbroken to get so many of these animals surrendered at the shelter. 

It is very unfair cruelty to the little animal and also unfair not to teach your children to be kind to animals. If children do not learn to be kind to animals, oftentimes they graduate to other crimes as adolescent and adults.

Lucky crossed the Rainbow Bridge the next morning. It was all we could do to relieve her suffering. A very sad day!

Karen RLRR
PS: We learned that the husband of the owner of Lucky changed the anti-freeze in their car and she did not know how he disposed of the used anti-freeze. If Lucky got into that, it could account for the blindness. We must be so careful of leaving toxic materials around where pets or children or wild creatures could get into them.

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