Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rest in Peace, sweet Smidgen

I was headed out of town for the day on Saturday and was concerned for Smidgen, so Dr. Vicki agreed to take her for the day.
Wee little Smidgen had a good day filled with the outdoors, flowers, a Golden Retriever to be a surrogate mom, and lots of love and comforting.
There were ups and downs throughout her day, but, in the evening she went into heart failure and her frail little body could endure no more...Vicki was with her in her final moments~ holding her, and comforting her, until her last breath.
Rest in Peace, Smidgen - you were very loved in your short life. Her mom cat and sibs never rejected her, they welcomed her into every family cuddle.
Smidgen has passed over to the skies of Red Lake. We will miss her spirit but her song will continue on.

Thank you to ACT V and Dr. Janet Olson for taking a special interest in her case.

Foster mom and RLRR blog editor 

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