Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Marcus on the mend at home

Marcus was an abused dog. He came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue early in December 2013 with horrible grease burns on his back. See original story HERE. ARVSS in Wisconsin kindly took him into foster care. It took months for the wounds to heal.

Later he was discovered to have a painful dislocated hip from months ago that required surgery. He had just adjusted to live with the pain. See that story HERE. One of the vets who cared for Marcus through all this has adopted him and the best part of his life is now!

Marcus is doing great and lives on a hobby farm with one of the Veterinarians I work with :). They love him so much!

Here are a couple of pictures of Marcus. One is showing what a trouble maker he is (with paper towels). You can see the remaining scars on his back. The other photo is with Helen--who loves him very much !

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