Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pearl and pups

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call on Saturday afternoon, March 29th, that a female dog had crawled in their doghouse and had a bunch of newborn puppies.
Dan answered the call and brought the mama and her 8 puppies to the RLRR shelter where they are sheltered and doing very well. They are one week old and we think they were born on March 24th according to the owner of the dog house.
We named the very young mama dog Pearl. She is about 9 months old herself and this is no doubt her first (and last) litter. Pearl is not real trusting of other animals but is friendly to people and so happy to get a special treat of canned and kibble mixed. On arrival she was very thin and had very little milk. We notice her milk production is up and she is eating and drinking well now.
With the spring blizzard going on, we are not sure Pearl and her family would have survived but are happy that she is here. We are grateful to be able to make her and her family healthy and safe.

Thank you for supporting Red Lake dogs and cats.

Sincerely Karen RLRR

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