Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gabe is priceless

I just wanted to thank you. My husband and I recently adopted a German Shepherd that Red Lake Rosie's Rescue originally rescued. He had been listed as "Deville" but is now called Gabe. We gave him his forever home about 6 weeks ago, shortly after our previous Shepherd died from bone cancer. 

Gabe gets along so well with our other dog, and loves harassing/stalking the cats (but never hurts them!), and loves having a big fenced yard to play in. He adjusted so quickly it is hard to convince people we didn't just buy him directly from a breeder! 

I will be starting obedience classes with him next month, and we are currently doing obedience and walks with a harness because he still gets squirrelly about chains on his neck. He is very smart, so he will be a handful! I attached some pictures of how he looks in his new home.

Thank you again for the work you do. Having Gabe is priceless to us.


Gabe had a particularly remarkable transformation. Please read his story in the earlier blog post HERE.


Anonymous said...

Gabe, you are absolutely beautiful, and your family absolutely exceptional! We are so happy for you, Gabe. Please keep in touch with all of us with RLRR. There are many who were there when you first came into the RLRR program.....lots of fans....and we hope you continue to stay in touch. Sending lots of love and hugs for you, sweetie.

TLC Canine Rescue said...

TLC Canine Rescue was glad we could help in his journey. We all fell in love with him and we knew he couldn't find a better place to call his own.

We love you Gabe and we will come out and visit you and your crazy brother soon.


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