Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Remembering Leroy's smiles

If Red Lake Rosie's Rescue had only rescued one dog- Leroy- it would have been all worthwhile. This dog suffered so much and it is heartwarming to see him with a smile on his face continuously- That is why he is smiling--he so appreciates all the love you have given him, and he has a reason now to smile - no longer having to carry that 8 pound tumor on his leg. THANK YOU ACT V and adopted family!!

Leroy passed away today. He had a rectal blockage that turned out to be a tumor in his colon. It started in April and treatment seemed to be working until this past weekend when he stopped eating and was bleeding. The vet and I decided the best decision was to give him peace. 

I lost the best dog I have ever known. Please remember him. I know Leroy got the best last years of his life, but it doesn't seem fair and he will be missed more then anything I could ever miss in my life. Sorry for the bad news and thank you for letting me love this little guy.

My tears are flowing freely as I write this final tribute to Leroy. In the summer of 2010 Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took him in with a huge tumor hanging from his hip. He had been living on a chain in great discomfort. After one surgery up north and another when he moved to ACT V in the metro, he found a loving home with Chris and they became best friends. I wish they could have had many more years together, but I know they made the most of the time they had.

I encourage you to read the previous posts about Leroy listed below and consider a donation to the RLRR emergency medical fund in memory of Leroy:

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Carmen said...

Leroy had the best smile in all of his pics. You gave him a safe, loving home and in turn he loved you and was so very grateful. I am so sorry for your loss. Bless you for making his life so happy as is clear from his bright smile. Your life is blessed for having known and loved such a great dog. He will live in your heart and thoughts forever.


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