Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ginger and her pups: Abandoned and abused

A young man moved out of his trailer west of Red Lake and there was a mama with a litter of puppies left behind. 
This poor little mama I named Ginger struggled to keep her puppies alive despite her hunger and abandonment. Not only did she have to struggle to feed her puppies, there were some children in the neighborhood allegedly that were not being very nice to her. 
Some young girls told me that this boy allegedly was throwing lit firecrackers in Ginger’s house. Also recovered at the scene was a long broken sword blade. Ginger’s dog house roof was chopped half off. Ginger seemed to have some wounds on her face. One of the puppies was missing. When Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got the call about Ginger, we set out to help her. 
She and her 5 remaining pups were transported immediately to the shelter where they are safe. Ginger at first had problems trusting people, understandable after all she had been through. She has been at the shelter for a few days and is beginning to be less agitated and showing signs of trust and affection.
We thank people who report animals in distress, and those who help support the RLRR shelter. Had we not rescued Ginger when we did, it is hard to tell how this story may have ended! 
Karen RLRR


Anonymous said...

Thank you RLRR for helping this
little mama and her babies. What a shame that she had to endure such cruelty before being rescued. We love you, Karen/RLRR, for always being there to help so many precious

Anonymous said...

Your amazing Karen!! Can't believe people treat animals this way.

Anonymous said...

Are the dogs for sale?


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