Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unwanted dogs need placement

Dear Friends: Hi and hope all are well.

I wanted to let the rescues and shelters who have helped us so much in the past know that we are once again getting the influx of unwanted animals as a prelude to the clinic which is April 22-24.

We have had 7 dogs surrendered so far this week, and another call from a lady with 2 adult dogs and 5 puppies that she "just does not want". Another call tonight of a 3-4 year old male that another household "does not want anymore".

So---17 dogs so far unwanted and the clinic has not even started yet.

The dogs and puppies we are intaking as surrenders will be neutered/spayed and immunized. I will send pics of the ones we have so far if any are interested in helping any of them. All animals so far are wonderful.

I want to thank you for any commitment you can make so when the clinic is over, the animals will have some place to go as we only have so much space at our shelter- 17 kennels.

I am sorry to burden you all with our needs that always seem so great. We have appreciated your great help and kindness in the past and have gotten homes for many of the unwanted animals here. Thank you.MURPHY came tonight- a shep mix juvenile- he will be altered and immunized- seems to be a really nice guy.KELLY AND HER PUP KAYLYNN arrived tonight. Husky- kind of petite about 35 lbs. and very sweet puppy.WABIGON (Little Flower)- came Easter Sunday- spayed and shots- 1 year old- they just do not want her anymore. Very nice girl, and very submissive.SKYE- male malemute, large male, to be neutered. Very active, needs a home where he gets lots of exercise. Very nice nature.WINDI- female came in with no litter. One dead pup laying by her on the road and one other pup that the people said that someone took. Very nice girl, has a smile on her face- came yesterday- Young - less than l year I think. Sweet girl and nice spirit. She will be spayed and immunized.WARRIOR rescued 3 days ago, attacked in Red lake by the Trading post by 3 pitbulls, nearly dead- taken to vet and on pain meds and antibiotics- now getting better, sitting up- eating. A very, very nice sweet dog- juvenile black shep.

If anyone can commit to take any of these animals, please let me know.

Thank you- Karen

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