Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hugo is transformed into Koda Bear

Noreen and her pup were found living in a vacant house in Ponemah village where they had been abandoned when the people moved out. Here's a pic of Noreen and her little Hugo, the surviving pup hiding behind her.

According to a Housing staff worker who came in to remodel the house, Noreen and her litter lived in the house, and thankfully the door was left open so Noreen could go in and out searching for food. By time she was found a month later, only one pup remained, little Hugo.

They were brought to the shelter on February 11, scared and hungry. As time went on they turned out to be wonderful animals. Noreen became Mike's favorite. She was spayed March 12 and left to All Dog Rescue. Hugo went to Last Hope Rescue on March 1, 2009. Hugo has been adopted and I received an update on him and photos, below.

I'm so glad he has such a good home after his very difficult beginning.

Here's what Hugo's new family says:
We recently had the pleasure of adopting Hugo ( now Koda Bear ) He is adjusting very well. My fiance and I just purchased a house in December and love our new addition to our family.He is a very smart little guy. He already is telling us when he needs to go outside to go to the bathroom and just the other day went down a flight of stairs all on his own for the first time.
We were kind of curious about his mothers breed and what kind of info you have on her. We will keep you updated on the adventures of Hugo (Koda Bear)

N&M and Koda Bear

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Melissa said...

I just saw the sad news of noreens/lolas passing. Koda aka Hugo was actually lucky enough to run into his mom at their vet and see each other briefly again. Koda is doing great and has a playmate we adopted from another humaine society for his birthday when he turned one. hes now 6 and changes coloring all the time, its so fun to watch him transform ( He's prob been like 5 different colors ranging from more shepherd looking to husky to wolf to really light and tan and even the complete black when he was born) He's turned into such a good boy who loves to lay in his kiddie pool and splash around, play at the dog park, let the kids jump and play with/on him. Overall he's a great puppy who enjoys to run and play and of course be that lap dog he thinks he is when he's cuddling with us on the couch or sleeping in the bed. He's deff. a wonderful companion that is loved so much. Although he likes to have a mind of his own and come when he wants if your not making him. He loves in the winter to go out and lay in the snow and play.

I would send some updated pictures but for some reason I can't figure out where so if you send me where to send them I can update you on pictures as well through the years.


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