Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ginger and Joey moving on

It was a very sad day, as Ginger and Joey, Red Lake dogs adopted and loved by my sister Patti Good and Chris Cook from Roseville, MN were left homeless and were taken to Animal Ark.

Patti died last September and her roommate Chris cared for the dogs until now when he has to leave the house. He is unable to find a rental property that will take 2 large dogs. Chris is also very brokenhearted as he is very attached to Ginger and Joey.

JOEYGinger was Patti and Chris's first adoption came from the Hooterville garbage dumpster where she was found starved and full of hundreds of ticks and mange. She was food aggressive and really never got over that. She had an old injury on her rear leg with a large calcified lump.

Patti and Chris loved Ginger and took great care of her. They adopted Joey because they wanted Ginger to have a friend. They grew to love Joey dearly.

GINGER AFTERWe are thankful that Mary S. and Animal Ark gladly opened their arms to these two. Also thanks to Dee Dee who so kindly transported Joey, Ginger, and Chris to Animal Ark.

We appreciate all the kindhearted people we know and are hoping Joey and Ginger get a third chance at happiness.

Sincerely, Karen Good RLRR

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