Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good News!

ALL of the dogs and two of the cats that I have posted in the last couple of days as needing placement have been placed with rescues! However, additional animals are coming in. The animal clinic with the Animal Humane Society is this week, Wednesday through Friday.

Hi, Denise
The dogs you posted today are all taken, but we will have 2 adults and 5 puppies coming today, sight unseen as well as one adult male coming tomorrow.We also have Teaka, another husky that came here on Sunday which had been homeless for the past 2 months when the people moved out and left 2 dogs behind. We were able to rescue the female, Mariah. Thankfully, the neighbor kept feeding Teaka and Carol Priest made the rescue.She is a wonderful dog, another husky. It goes in streaks, we have 5 huskies at this time!!

Have a great day. Karen

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