Monday, April 6, 2009

Fozzy Bear & Mona/Heidi

Fozzy is one of three puppies (Vince, Victor and Vernon)All Dog Rescue took in via Akin Hills. Akin Hills brought them down from RRLR to help them heal from severe mange and starvation, then asked if we could take them into foster care.
Anyhow I have Fozzy here, and my foster Tank was here when Fozzy came in, and I just thought the photos of them together were darling :) They were absolutely best friends while Tank was here - he has since been adopted. Fozzy contines to get fat and happy and lots of long walks at the off-leash dog park.
I also wanted to share a link of some beautiful photos of Heidi (formerly Mona), the RLRR dog who had hip surgery recently at Akin Hills. We are fortunate to have a professional photographer volunteer, (John K. Miller) with our group, and he went over and got some stunning photos of her. You can check them all out here if you like. He has another gallery of our dogs here - we don't have any RLRR dogs on that one, but there are some beautiful pictures!

S. of All Dogs Rescue

Heidi's foster mom tells her story:

Heidi was homeless on the Red Lake Indian Reservation before she came to All Dog Rescue. She settled into her foster home, bonding quickly with her foster parents and the other resident animals. As her foster parents were marveling that she is the sweetest dog they have ever met, they were also concerned that Heidi was limping badly on her back left leg.

X-rays revealed that Heidi had severe dysplasia affecting her left hip. All Dog Rescue had two choices. The first was to permanently restrict Heidi's exercise and provide pain management. At only 2 years of age, Heidi would never be allowed to go for a run, wrestle with other dogs, or chase squirrels. The other option was to perform surgery, let Heidi recover, and then she could live a normal life. The board immediately and unanimously decided to pursue surgery.

Our vet performed a femoral head osteoectomy on Heidi's left hip on March 19. During the surgery, they discovered that the dysplasia was so severe that every time Heidi took a step, her left hip bones were grinding into each other and causing tremendous pain. Due to the grinding, her femur had fractured into several pieces.Heidi is now recovering in her foster home and is doing amazing. She makes progress every day and in a matter of weeks will have full function of her left leg. She will then begin the search for a forever home, where she will enjoy her life free of pain. She will be able to run, jump, and play - the days of limping will be over.


Anonymous said...

Fozzy was adopted this weekend, but friends of one of our foster parents! Great home, but I sure miss the little guy!! Susan

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I meant "by friends of one of our foster parents," not "but." It is Monday... Susan

Frank said...

Those puppies really cute...we found a girl shittzu along the highway,a couple days ago.she was helplesss because she can not walk.she was hit of a car and no one wants to adopt her..Now she is very active and can run and walk.

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