Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mishkwa is happily transformed into Gracie

New owners of Mishkwa/Gracie are delighted - see below. Pics attached, too.

New Resident moves to Victoria from the reservation.......She had a tough little start to life.
I'd like to introduce Gracie (formerly Mishkwa), 5 lbs and loves EVERYONE... she just got her bath, new hair cut and wearing her first diamond necklace......she wanted to show off. We do have some jealousy issues with other doggies, no biting or anything - just noisy....... but going to get help with that.
Well this little girl is Perfect with people, we went to Petco this am for a grand opening in Chaska. Gracie was a total hit until a Great Dane came in and all hell broke loose....we need some serious work with other doggies but we'll get there. She has had NO boo-boo's in the house as of yet and slept in her bed area all night without a peep.......other than the other dog thing she is perfect and now is wearing pink with diamonds........:) We got some shampoo so now the bath and hair cut start.......
This dog is too good, I am waiting for the ball to drop.

AFTERNO barking (not even with the door bell or knock), No boo-boo's (not one), sleeps all night without a peep until Bob gets her in the morning then nothing but love for the first hour. NO issue bathing or hair cuts...... she jumped on the door once - I said NO, never happened again. She knew her name by last night already, Bob called her in a different room where I was and she came running. She falls asleep on Bob’s chest and he melts.....for a guy who wanted a bigger dog - there is sure a lot of kissing going on....:)
We walked her last night, she walked right by our side, didn't even try to pull. She is showing her personality a little more everyday....
She is sure is the pocket puppy, I have to make some money so I can buy the perfect purse to put her in....:)
So as of NOW, still waiting for the devil dog.

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