Friday, April 3, 2009

Skye is living the good life as Kora

Love those floppy ears!! --DL

To everyone at Red Lake Rosie's:

Our Kora was a rescue puppy from Red Lake who we adopted through Pleading Paws here in the Cities. Her name was Skye when we adopted her at 8 weeks of age. She has proven to be the best dog ever!!!
She'll be 3 in July, and we still can't get over what a great dog and family member she is!! Kora was one of a litter of 12, half of which we were told had to be euthanized due to abuse and neglect. It still amazes me that someone could harm such wonderful, loving dogs.
Kora has grown into such a beautiful and affectionate part of our family, that we can't imagine life before we got her. Even though I may be slightly biased, she's also the smartest dog I've known. In fact, she figured out how to open the screen door from the outside to let herself in when she was only 8 months old. Thank you for all that you do to find homes for such amazing animals.
We're starting to consider adding another to our family, and will definitely be looking for a rescue from your organization. I've attached some photos of Kora so you can see what a beautiful and happy girl she is. Feel free to use her pictures and story in any way you may find helpful.

DT and MS

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Mary, Olive's mommy said...

She's gorgeous! Kinda looks like a kangaroo in this last shot :-)


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