Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ernie's happy ending

Dear Denise: What a great story from All Dog Rescue!! and great pics. KarenHi, Everyone;

Thought you would enjoy this happy ending page for Ernie, one of the three pups that came to All Dog Rescue from Rosie's via Akin Hills. The third puppy (Dexter, the black/tan one) was adopted last Saturday as well. All three of the boys got families with children to grow up with!

SusanApril 2009 - Ernie's new mom sent an update on her adorable boy:

Ernie is doing great! He is such a sweet boy and we are loving him to death. He is a puppy...into EVERYTHING but he is also showing us how smart he is and has gotten his potty training almost mastered.
I think Ernie has doubled in size in two weeks. He's definitely twice as heavy. He is able to go out with me off leash almost all the time (although he goes out on the leash with the kids and does really well for them too). I have an acre and he listens well enough most of the time to just follow me around and run around and around our pond or explore the woods. He likes to dip his feet in the water occasionally but so far hasn't tried to go in any deeper.

Everyone who has met him has fallen completely in love with him. He definitely stole the thunder at our Easter celebration this weekend. I am sending you some pictures of him that I took on Sunday. I will send more when there is more of a change...I am so grateful to have him! THANKS!

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