Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feline Rescue shelter forms alliance with RLRR

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue has a new alliance with Feline Rescue in St. Paul. Several people volunteer for both organizations and wanted to find a way to work together.

The Feline Rescue foster system has already been taking in mama cats and kittens from Red Lake for a couple of years and now the shelter is involved, too. The shelter has generously offered to keep two spots open at the shelter for Red Lake cats. When those cats are placed, more Red Lake cats fill those places.

So far everyone has been very pleased with the results. The first six Red Lake cats to come to the Feline Rescue shelter have been very friendly and were placed in new homes almost immediately after completing their mandatory time in isolation.

Following is a post I wrote for the Feline Rescue blog about the foster mama cat and kittens from RLRR living at my house.

This group of kittens should be ready to go to their new homes at the end of April, but if you'd like to meet them now to adopt in advance that would be fine ;-)

DUCHESS ROUNDI was surprised to get a pregnant mama cat in January, but when Duchess arrived there was no doubt about her condition. She is a lovely calm black cat with a very sleek shiny coat. She is rather tall and slender, but had a round, hard belly that looked ready to pop. She is polydactyl and the extra toe on each front foot gives her a cute mitten paw. Duchess has a small angular head with almond-shaped green eyes and LOVES attention.

DUCHESS SLEEKI watched and waited for two long weeks until, finally, on Sunday, January 24, the day of the big Vikings playoff game, she started to have her kittens. I thought I might miss the game, but she finished up before the kick-off. In honor of that auspicious beginning, the five kittens were named for Vikings players.

ADRIAN IS THE ONLY BLACK KITTENAdrian is a female and looks just like her mom: small with shiny black fur and extra toes. She is adventurous and full of spunk, but she'll slow down to cuddle. I think she might be her mom's favorite, so it would be nice if they found a home together. She got her name because she had trouble finding and hanging on to mom's nipple when she was newborn...

BRETT IS A TOMBOYBrett is the other female. Born as #4, she started out as one of the smaller kittens, but she is big now. She has fluffy thick gray fur with lots of narrow stripes.She is smart and a leader. She always wants to wrestle with the boys.

SIDNEY BEARS A BULLSEYESidney is a gray fluffy male, but instead of stripes, he has circular swirls in his fur -- a real bullseye on each side. He is also very adventurous, but loving. The gray kittens mix and match all the time for play pals.

JEROD IS A MELLOW FELLOWJerod as a newborn kitten grabbed onto a nipple and wouldn't let go. Probably explains why he has been the biggest and mellowest kitten ever since. No extra toes for him, just stripes on his round belly.

RYAN'S GOT MITTEN FEETRyan does have the extra toes on his front feet; I'm not sure that would help for kicking. He is fluffy gray with stripes and loves to play or cuddle depending on his mood.

SMACK-DOWNReady for some fun? A little football in the off-season? Call 651-230-3263, if you are interested in learning more about this family.


Anonymous said...

A thanks to Feline Rescue which is a great organization with such success in getting our cats adopted out.

Also to Denise who conintues to take our "special" cats. We love the naming of the kittens!!

pitbull friend said...

Oh, Denise, how adorable! I'm so glad to hear of the Feline Rescue partnership, and the Vikes cats descriptions were just such fun to read! -Ellen

Jo Tallchief said...

Oh, they are cuties! I once had a rescue that had 6 toes (pterodactyl?) and they do have the cutest little finger paws, it's so funny. Thank you for taking in these sweet kitties. I hope they find awesome new homes! :)

Jo Tallchief said...

No - polydactyl! However it's said, it's very cute. Kittens are cute but wooooo, they can be very naughty, also. When I had kittens I would let them run loose during the day inside the house, and heaven help me if I had to get in the shower or put a load of clothes in the washer! Thx again for the update! :)


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