Monday, January 12, 2015

Blessings: Pearl, Winter, Aiden

January 1, 2015
As we all begin to take our first steps into the New Year I thought I would recount my blessings thus far, one final time. These thoughts turn to the wonderful efforts of Karen, RLRR and the many volunteers.

To all who have known and loved animals, there is possibly nothing more troubling than seeing an animal abused, neglected or suffering from an injury, cold or hunger. Sadly, Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue knows all too well these conditions and more. I am forever amazed by Red Lake Rosie’s, Karen Good and the work that Karen has accomplished, and is accomplishing each day all on behalf of those who have no voice in their own struggles. I have and will continue to support Karen in her efforts to end the misery of countless helpless and truly hopeless animals.

I have adopted 3 Red Lake Dogs. I currently share my life with two. The two I have now, Aiden and Winter however would never have been a part of my life were it not for the first, Pearl.

It is fair to say that my entire involvement with Red Lake Rosie’s is the result of one animal, Pearl. Pearl was a dog that would quite honestly change my life forever. As you are able to see in her before and after photographs Pearl was finally able to share the beauty she had always had on the inside with those who saw her from the outside. Never would this have been possible were it not for Karen Good and Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue.

The second set of photographs share the story of “Winter” as he was brought to the clinic and thankfully given the chance to become the dog he is today.

Aiden and pup

Our third dog, Aiden, is an equally beautiful little shepherd who was rescued in the month of February, with a litter of pups, all frozen, save one, “Solo”. Solo ultimately found a home with a police officer and his family.

While the stories of my three are not terribly unique, it clearly demonstrates what is possible. Karen inspires others; she is a beacon of hope, a motivator to all who witness her work and demonstrates that one person is able to make a difference, one dog at a time and also, what is possible for dogs like Pearl, Winter and Aiden

Warm thoughts for 2015,

It takes a village to rescue these animals and thank you to our local Board, Polly, Jo, Carol and our metro support team, all the rescues that take animals, financial supporters, transporters, and clinic providers.

Thanks to all for RLRR!

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