Friday, January 9, 2015

Another family saved from freezing

Look at Leona’s big smile! She is so hopeful now and appreciates the help she got! 

Another family has been saved from freezing to death -- same story, but different location. A stray mama moved into a dog house where she had six puppies. On January 7th, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue received a call from Ponemah about the plight of the dogs. By this time, two puppies had already frozen. The person who reported them said the mama was a feral and we could never catch her and that the puppies were very young -- perhaps a week old. In spite of the fact that survival of the four remaining pups was not expected, we put a plan into action.

Paul and Phyllis are two great people who help in the Ponemah area which is remotely located some 70 miles from RLRR. They went and got the puppies and were able to catch the mama as well! We were at the Redby warehouse cleaning for the upcoming clinic and were so happy and surprised to see Paul and Phyllis walk in with the good news that they had rescued the whole family and that mama Leona is definitely not feral!

Leona is very malnourished so we began feeding small meals and lots of water- She will be producing lots of milk soon.

Again, a warm and well insulated igloo inside a weatherized kennel was set up with lots of nice dry straw. Fleece blanket were used in abundance. What a wonderful feeling to know this little family that was freezing and destitute this morning are now tucked in warm, fed and safe at Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue!

Thank you Paul and Phyllis for your help!! Without your help, we could not rescue like we do in Ponemah which is so far shelter! We are sad that two puppies were lost, but happy that Mama Leona and four were saved.

Happy today!!
- Karen

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Dawn H. said...

You are doing really wonderful work, thank you so much!


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