Friday, January 16, 2015


In November, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took in a little dog named Tessa from Leech Lake Legacy with suspected mange.  As it turned out, Tessa had severe flea dermatitis and spent only two weeks at the Red Lake Rosie's shelter and moved on to foster care with Crystal, our Red Lake Rosie's Pet Finder helper, in the metro area.  Tessa was a darling dog, but had high anxiety; she had wounds and hair loss.  She needed the special care of an experienced foster caregiver like Crystal.

Tess is ready for adoption. She is really a regular little gal, Although she still scratches at the door when I leave, she is no longer possessive of me nor does she have to be by me every second. The kennel is the new playhouse in this house. The dogs take turns going in it and and napping; door always open, of course.

Tess does the cutest thing; she gathers all the toys and piles them up in the kennel; she is a resourceful little thing. A dog just never knows when she might need ten or twelve toys!  She loves running and chasing big dogs at the dog park and has so much fun. She is so well behaved and sweet, but still has a spunky side. She really is adorable,


After conquering her separation anxiety and becoming a confident and healthy little girl, Tess found her forever home! Tessa is the second Red Lake dog that has joined this family. They previously adopted little Babette who is the other dog pictured. I'm glad that Tessa has children to play with as well as two other dogs.  Adopter has emailed that everything is going great and Tessa is a total joy!  

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