Monday, January 5, 2015

Transports 'round the world

Around the world for Red Lake animals is exactly what our transporters have done in 2014. About 1 ½ times that is! All aboard!

The circumference of the earth is 25,000 miles and our faithful transporters have traveled about 32,000 miles in 2014 transporting animals, food and supplies for the animals of the northern region.

829 animals from Red Lake and surrounding areas get a freedom ride from these faithful transporters. These impressive numbers do not include those who come from Leech Lake Legacy and Bemidji Pound.

Rain, shine snow, and sleet these drivers make their weekly trek from north to the metro and beyond delivering this precious cargo on to their rescues that provide them with opportunities for forever homes.

Our weekly transport crew incudes:
Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan
Heidi Hunstad
Terri Hill
John Hill
Barbie Olson
Kris Tanchin
Barbie Olson
And Marilou meets every transport to take pictures.

Thank you all for this important part of the rescues.
Karen Good

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