Thursday, January 8, 2015

A family is saved from the cold

January 6th was one of the coldest days of the new year with a 50 below zero with wind chill in the evening hours. A request had come in the morning for Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue to take in a mama and litter of pups that were born under a porch far underneath the house. Of course we agreed to take the little family and the owners intended to bring them to the shelter.

Soon it was late afternoon and still no family. When I finally reached the owners, they had been unsuccessful in getting the puppies and they had given up. It was time to get moving and fast! We called on Dan, who is especially skilled at animal rescue. Dan responded and spent quite a while taking apart a portion of the porch to gain access to the puppies. There he found 8 living pups perhaps a week old. Had Dan not succeeded in the rescue, their survival that night would have been doubtful.

They were transported late that evening and the temperature dropped and winds picked up- The family was safe in a warm igloo with straw, and lots of fleece blankets covering the floor and roof of the house. They were warm as toast and the mama climbed in and laid on top of them as canine mothers do.

We want to thank Dan for his skill and persistence is making the rescue. It could have turned out a very tragic story, but we are rejoicing over this very special rescue and this happy ending. 

Thank you all who support Red Lake animals with food, transport, blankets, straw, igloos and finances to help save lives especially during the brutally cold winters.


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