Friday, January 30, 2015

Quatro makes herself at home

A volunteer at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue clinic last August took a surrendered kitten home with her and we were happy to receive this update.

At the last clinic I volunteered at there was one little kitten from the shelter on the last day. Every time I walked by her, she would come to the door of her carrier and meow and swat at the door to get out. 

When I had a little down time, I took her into a room and shut the door to let her run and play. Seeing how happy she was, I couldn't imagine putting her back in a shelter, not knowing when she would finally have a forever home. 

She came home with me a few hours later. Now she has a whole house to run and play in, including a couple cat buddies of her own. 

She also has a giant "mommy" in the form of a coonhound that she was introduced to as "here's your puppy". They find each other first thing every morning and spend most of their day together. They are rarely more than a few feet apart, if not literally right on top of each other.

I'm so happy she came home with me that day. She is loved by everyone, animal and human, in my house and it's a great reminder to me everyday why volunteering at Red Lake Rosie's is so important.


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Joan said...

oh my, I love the photos of her with her dog and in the dry food container.


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