Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tips/Pennie: On the road to recovery

Pennie, formerly Tips, was a cat that that our friend Wayne rescued in Redby. Wayne has for years taken in stray cats. He brings them to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for spay/neuter and we help him with cat food.

Wayne called RLRR one day and said that Tips was in very bad condition. He thought that perhaps Tips was attacked by a large predator bird that is hanging around in his neighborhood. There are no dogs in the neighborhood, so he did not think it was a dog attack.

Wayne brought Tips to the shelter. She got medical care at the vet and when Dr. Vicki arrived for the clinic, a large abscess on her neck was drained and treated. The abscess is healing but her eye on the same side is not normal and she will need to see a eye doctor vet.

Wayne gave up Tips so that she would be able to get more medical help and would not have to be exposed to the dangers of a smaller outdoor/indoor cat here. Thank you, Wayne, for letting her go and ACT V for helping Tips. 


This is our new bright, shiny “Pennie”. She came from Red Lake today. We saw her last weekend and requested to take her. The owner gave her to Karen so she could come down here. The neck wound has healed, but the eye problem (called Horner’s Syndrome) remains. She’ll get into the eye doctor sometime this week.

 Horner's Syndrome is a neurological condition that Penny got from the trauma around her neck. It's characterized by a dropping eyelid, constricted pupil and a raised third eyelid. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn't.

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