Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas gift for Girl

Girl, a small black miniature horse, has become a friend of Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue over the past three years. We have been able to get her treats, hay, farrier work courtesy of Terry Luntz, vet care from Dr. Vicki of ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation, and a temporary shelter built by Mike and Lauren. We also thank our contributors who help provide funds to help Girl.

Early in December, Girl was allegedly attacked by some dogs in the area chewing on her tail and rear end. Girl’s owner was concerned and contacted RLRR. We were able to get antibiotics, feed, and watering tools to her. In spite of the care she got, Girl needed more. Her owner, Marvin gave Girl up so that she would be able to see a vet and be in a heated stable to recuperate.

Alison Smith of Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue and Deb & Bob Fjetland of "Full Moon Rising North Dakota Badlands Horse" went into action. Girl was rescued on December 22, 2014, just in time for Christmas!

When Bob and I first learned of "Girl" and the situation that she was in, we both knew that we were going to be helping one way or another. Bob had told me "that he will do whatever is needed" and with that, he was signed up! Karen kept us posted and when it was agreed that "Girl" was to be surrendered, we set a plan in motion that included numerous others. I am certain that it was supposed to happen exactly like it did because her final destination of Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue in western North Dakota had a another transport coming through Fargo at the right time. 

Bob and I took off early the morning of December 22nd for Red Lake, with our horse trailer loaded with lots of straw bedding, good hay and water for this deserving pony. We met Karen and with the help of the owner got Girl loaded up. After saying good-bye to Karen, we took off for Fargo where Girl would be transferred to the other trailer that was going onto Mandan, North Dakota. In rescue there is a term used often for the animals that are starting a new life....it is their "freedom ride".

Knowing what Girl had endured from the dog attack nearly 3 weeks prior to being rescued we were so proud to give her the "freedom ride" she deserved. The transfer was made in Fargo and off she was to getting the help and attention that was waiting for her. Girl, who is now called "Noelle" because of being helped so close to Christmas, is on the mend and even making friends with other miniature horses! 

Deb and Bob

Girl is being treated for parasites and is on antibiotics for a period of time and is reportedly doing well. In talking with Marvin the other day, he said he misses Girl and wishes the best for her!

Special thanks to Bob and Deb who spent at least 18 hours on the road at their own expense -- a great commitment to Girl.

Thank you to all who have helped Girl.


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