Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Uno: Sole survivor

Uno, which means one in Spanish, was a fitting name for this little boy since he was the lone survivor of a family of 10 puppies and a mama who are all now deceased, except little Uno.

The mother dog was hit by car leaving her litter under a porch with no one to care for them.  They had apparently been born near Thanksgiving time. The family rescued one puppy and took it into their house. There it lived on 2% milk and had his tail mutilated, perhaps in attempts to dock it.  It was badly infected and smelled rotten.

Then, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call that the owner wanted to surrender Uno as he was not thriving.

We took Uno and fed and cared for him until he was able to leave for Carver Scott Humane Society where he got a foster home and great care.  We are thankful that little Uno survived and seems to be doing well. 

We urge all the residents here to stop the do-it-yourself docking of tails on dogs and cats.  It is painful and causes injury and sometimes incontinence.

Karen RLRR

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