Thursday, January 29, 2015

Uno in foster home

Uno came here to live on Saturday December 20th.

His first bottlefeeding by me was done in the car waiting at the clinic to hear from the vet about antibiotics for his tail. He had been on a transport all day; it was 3pm and he was starving. The milk wasn't all that warm, but I knew he needed the nutrients. He drank it all.

Day 3: I had to go to help wrap presents at the mall for a rescue and took him with - here he is on our way home - exhausted.

Day 4: He went back to the vet and the vet said what I said - he will keep his tail! He may have some dents, but he will not lose his tail. Karen, whatever you did when you received him initially is what saved his tail. Good work!

HIs first day out of his pen and spending time in the family room like a regular puppy. The puppy girls I had worn him out. He is sleeping on the couch.

His first trip outside - checking out the snow.

The first 3 or 4 days, he slept in my bed with me. December 26th, he got his own digs in the kitchen. This is his new digs

Uno had his first shot yesterday. He did awesome. His tail is looking great and he won't even have dents in it!

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Jan Miller said...

Touches my heart!! Little Uno looks so much better....


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