Tuesday, January 20, 2015


On January 10th at our clinic, Eddy, a concerned community member, brought a dog he called Brutus to the clinic with a bad break in his hock. In spite of his injury, Brutus had a big smile on his face.

Eddy said that Brutus was a stray that showed up in his yard and was a great dog. Eddy wanted to get the dog help, so he surrendered him at the clinic. If one event makes it all worthwhile- this was it!

Thankfully, Dr. Vickie and her team stabilized Brutus, who was renamed Ridge, and he was taken into the ACT V program. If it hadn't been for the clinic, it would have been doubtful that Ridge would have gotten the help he needed.

This smiling face is "Ridge" (aka Brutus). He's about eight months old, and we brought him home with us last night.

We think he was hit by a car and his hock joint dislocated. This injury seems to have occurred many weeks ago. His leg is not repairable (and as you can see, his foot turns around backwards.) He will be seen today by a Board Certified small animal surgical specialist to prepare for amputation.

Ridge had his leg amputated and is reportedly doing very well! He should adjust quickly, since he had not been using that leg anyway.

Thank you ACT V for helping Ridge! Another great Red Lake dog has hope for the future!


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