Monday, January 26, 2015

Ginger Rosie

In mid December, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue received an unwanted female chow from Ponemah, a village on the Red Lake Reservation. The owners had 2 puppies from her last litter and no longer wanted this dog I named Ginger. Ginger was a bit disconnected from humans it seemed at first. I got her spayed and vaccinated and decided to send her out to AHS on December 20th, but concern about her ability to adjust to city life concerned me.
I made a request to Jenny to get her into a smaller place, so she went to the St. Paul AHS. This was certainly meant to be! I was so happy when Marilou inquired about her past when she was adopted. 

She found her great forever home! Thank you to AHS, LLL, Jenny, Marilou, and Ginger's new adopted mom and dad.

This made my day today!
Karen RLRR 

We are just thrilled to hear more about Rosie's back story. How funny that she was from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and we chose Rosie as her new name without knowing that! We adore her.

We rescued "Ginger" on December 30th from the St. Paul Humane Society. Although Ginger was a fitting name, we wanted to give her a fresh start with us and we re-named her Rosie. Rosie loves her bed that dad bought for her. She instantly claimed it as hers and enjoys long naps on it each day.

She loves the snow and we have a great back yard that she is quickly claiming as her own. She wasn't too sure of her rawhides and treats at first, but once she realized how tasty they were, that tail is wagging at the sight of a new one. 

She is a special dog and we are so lucky to have found her. She acclimated to us right away and especially gets excited when she hears the car pull into the driveway. We look forward to giving Ginger/Rosie a new lease on life and we are excited for many years to come. 

Our first trip as a family is booked for the spring and we are excited to get Rosie into hiking shape for the North Shore!

Attached are four of my favorite pictures of Rosie, I can't wait to see her featured on the blog!

All the best,
A~ & A~

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